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Corporate Finance

Philippe Hottinguer Finance is a financial  advisory firm with a strong entrepreneurial dimension.

Our teams advise and assist corporations, their shareholders, and investors across a full range of financial engineering services and transactions from their inception to their execution  (debt & equity financing, mergers & acquisitions, corporate divestitures, Initial Public Offerings and all exchange-related operations).

Our Timeline from Past to Present


A Two-Century Old Merchant Banking Legacy

After a presence of over four centuries in the Swiss Confederation, some members of the Hottinguer family elected to move to France in 1786 where they set up a merchant banking house with a view to finance the then burgeoning and expanding flows of shipping trade in manufactured goods, raw materials and agricultural products. Jean-Conrad Hottinguer, the father of this Paris-based banking house, was subsequently instrumental in the creation of the Banque de France in which his family subscribed to and held founder’s shares ; in 1810, Jean-Conrad Hottinguer was made a baron of the French Empire.

A Family Tradition

In the wake of this remarkable entry into merchant banking , the succeeding Hottinguer bankers all played a major part in the formation of landmark stock-holding companies across a wide spectrum of activities, like water & energy utilities (Compagnie Générale des Eaux), modern banks and savings & loans (Caisse d’Epargne de Paris), railroads (PLM Network). The merchant banking house was particularly active in the issuance and distribution of the common shares of these major corporations to the investing public on one hand, and in the ongoing financing of industrial ventures on the other hand.

An Legacy of Values Geared Towards The Future

In the course of the twentieth century, the Hottinguer banking house diversified its financial activities into the state-of-the-art French insurance industry, thus taking part to the major consolidation move that resulted in the creation of the leading AXA GROUP, and it also led international ventures like branching out back in Switzerland and also in the United States with expert offerings in financial advisory, real estate, private wealth & investment management.

The Entrepreneurial Origins of The Philippe Hottinguer Group

Back in 1997, on the occasion of a thorough review of their business activities and banking assets, the Hottinguer family saw and acted on the opportunity to have their Paris-based Banque Hottinguer join the Crédit Suisse Group at a time when high-end private banking properties were in strong demand all over Europe.

Philippe Hottinguer then assumed senior executive positions within the Crédit Suisse investment banking division until 2001, at which time his decision was made to set up a new financial services boutique whose activities now constitute the Philippe Hottinguer Group.

Founded and developed in strict accordance with a set of demanding  entrepreneurial principles  and a  work ethic steeped in family tradition, the Philippe Hottinguer Group intends to make available to its valued clients its unique expertise in the fields of advisory services, corporate investments, wealth and asset management, thus offering a full range of high value financial services which have been the hallmark of the Hottinguer banking family in the course of over two centuries.

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